We produced 2 instructional video courses for The State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) in collaboration with Apple Energy Group & Building Media Inc.

Here’s a quick Demo Video:


Shooting on green screen is an excellent format for instructional videos.  In post, we took out the green and replaced it with the speaker’s powerpoint.

We animate the powerpoint in between slides to create interest for the viewer and increase the quality of the piece.

The speaker was able to deliver the powerpoint live.  They didn’t have to spend hours in the studio, we came up with a way to capture them doing their normal presenting.  If it’s an hour long presentation, then it only takes them 1 hour plus a few extra minutes.

There’s more that goes into this process though in how we capture their powerpoint and animate it to their presentation, but the point worth noting here is that we came up with a process to allow us to complete projects like this in nearly half the time they would normally take in editing.  Less time means less cost.
We were able to produce two of these full 1.5 hour courses for less than $10,000, with 1/2 day of filming,  and we turned the project around in a few short weeks.

green screen video production in austin

We did captured another presentation for our repeat client, My Smart Healthy.  Trevor, the creator of the product, gives a 15minute presentation in detail regarding the science behind their innovative food seasoning, Undercover Veggies.

It’s true:

Making instructional videos doesn’t cause us to leap out of the bed in the morning with creativity and inspiration ooozing out of our brains.

But innovating our process to reduce the production time & cost without sacrificing the quality is an exciting thing for us.  The client’s win and we do too.




About this new camera: Canon XA10

Canon XA10


Thanks to Texas Media Systems in Austin, we were able to try out of the newest and hottest cameras on the market.  The Canon XA10 is small and compact, yet it shoots full 1920 x 1080 HD with the use of Canon’s CMOS sensor.  Mics plug directly into the XLR inputs and the camera runs to SD cards that it can switch too in the middle of recording allowing for hours of recording with hours of battery life.  This camera was perfect for us, shooting a non-stop 1.5 hour presentation.




Canon XA10


This feature is able to recognize the subject face an follow it as they move, shift their weight and step back or forward.  The camera adjust focus accordingly making our job easier and keeping the subject from falling into a blur.

Thanks Texas Media Systems for loaning us the camera!  They are our favorite guys for purchasing or renting pro video gear in Austin.

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